Help making a cool dungeon

I need ideas for the dungeon I’m making. It’s going to be a dark room, and it’s going to have a lot to scary things in it. The map I’m making it on is called Welcome to Doomsday, so I need ideas to make this thing look like, well, doomsday. Any ideas? By the way I already looked at the dungeon tag.

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Anyone got even the slightest of any ideas? :frowning_face:

I have an idea, let me type it out

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Sanity: there are campfires that restore sanity, but it drops. If sanity is zero, the room is darker, you randomly get faster or slower, and you randomly get blocked by a barrier.

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Upgrade idea:

Make a drink you can buy, and when you drink it, you gain

Edit: Please respond, I can’t post three posts in a row

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Those are some AWESOME ideas!! Do you have any ideas for props?

You got that from Eternal Darkness, did you not? In Eternal Darkness, fight too many monsters and there, you off yourself because of insanity.

Let me make a prop:
Screenshot 2024-02-11 2.40.27 PM
Snow pile and a plate. This can be a hard to see thing in the backound, a little easter egg

What’s “Etenal Darkness”? I didn’t take sanity from that game.

Then what game? There are a couple. (Quite a few)

No game, I thought of it myself.


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why don’t you look here? dungeon

That remind me of the boss of Phantom Hourglass. (Guess the game franchise! Also tell me the name if you know.)

I already did @Foxy . But thank you!

Oh! You can look at the idea help posts.

Legend of Zelda Cough

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How u know that? That is cray cray.

Google Hack Cough (Dying inside)

Oh. U not know it by heart or book. Also, take this! sends digital cough drop.

Cough Cough Cough Thanks-Wheeze