Help! I need you guys to vote on a decision!

In my game, you’ll need to collect 4 books scattered around the map to unlock a secret room. The library is like a passageway connecting the main map and the entrance to the secret room.

like this


I already have 3 placed in 3 different rooms. I’m trying to decide whether to put the last one in the new secret lab area or in the not-yet-added library area.

Here are the Pros and Cons of each:

The Library


  • Would give the library more of a purpose rather than just being a hallway that looks like a room.


  • Would essentially render the lab area useless rather than granting an achievement and providing lore.

Lab Area


  • Would make sense since it’s the lab of the author, and the books are his journals.


  • Would make it a lot easier to collect all of them because the lab is very close to the location of another book.

So which room should I place it in?
  • Lab
  • Library
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The lab would be best for the lore.

you could do an interconnection between the library and the lab, to add difficulty, and to not confine the players to one room

I would do that, but the lab is a secret area that’s connected to an area in the main map which contains a book through a teleporter.

Thanks for your votes, everyone! My final decision is the Library!
The map is actually already out, but this is for the final update, which I am currently working on!

you can find the map by searching ‘cheesebox’ in discovery

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