Help, I need somebody HELP!

Is there a way to track everybody cash on screen, and if so, is there a way to only track one team’s cash

I know there is I just can’t think of it at the moment

Use a game overlay for the first one.

ok, got it, next step?

I also should probably add that I would like one team to see everyone cash individually

Make a property called “globalcash”, which should be numerical, global, and start at 0.

Make a property called “cash”, which should be numerical, player-scoped, and start at 0.

Tie an inventory item manager to the property “cash”.

Now create this block:

“Amount of item changes…”

broadcast message on channel "resetglobalcash"
broadcast message on channel "globalcashupdate"

Now place down a trigger that receives on “resetglobalcash” and create this block:

set property [globalcash]
value 0

Now place down another trigger that receives on “globalcashupdate” and create this block:

Set property [globalcash]
Value [(get property) [global cash]) + (get property) [cash])]

Now place down a game overlay, which player-scope for everything, and a lifecycle, and a relay.

Lifecycle (event occurs) → Relay trigger (all players on specific team (yourteamhere))

Relay trigger → Show overlay

Now place a repeater that never stops and updates every 0.5 seconds and do this:

Relay trigger → Start repeater.

Make the repeater broadcast on channel “update” when it repeats.

For the game overlay, create the block “when receiving on channel [update]…”

Set text [ (create text with) ["The amount of cash everyone has in total is "] [get property globalcash]

Hope this helped!

Thanks for the help, have you made a guide on this?


you should, this could be helpful to other people that might be making a party game, that when you lose a minigame, you lose cash

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and you can see peoples cash, and then other people might know who to target and try to make them lose

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