Help I need help with the map

so i wanna make a 1v1 battle but i want to make them faster how do I do that

use a speed modifier. its in the device section

why’d you say this lol

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yea i am but i forgot about the speed

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any way it still dont work

do you have an event to trigger the speed modifier?

thanks man it work now

ik I might’ve being salty but if you’re insecure don’t be. just say you’re no the best GKC maker…
also mark a solve

also how you reply more

thanks man for the tip

wdym how do you reply more? in here? well, new users have a reply limit but that’s it I think

PLEASE mark a solution

yeah that what im saying

what’s “what you’re saying”? solution or replies

yeah Basic Users have limited replies, but if you get to unlimited you can reply until you are silenced or banned (dangerous activity, don’t try this at home

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hello guys im new can i meet you pls

helloooooooo guys are you here

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@lilmabu123 Welcome to the Community! read the Forum guidelines and FAQ,
pls refrain from chatting and posting game codes, and make sure to stay on topic!
if you want to chat there are the wixsites, padlets and discord

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@lilmabu123 Welcome to forums! Like chrysostom has said, please post things that are only about GMC. Remember, if you are going to post in this section, it has to be about the topic: Help I need help with the map.

And @atomic_samuria remember to mark the solution (the tick box :white_check_mark:)