Help i can't make a 2d mode

Hi everyone, I’m new and i want to make a 2d mode like Don’t Look down but i don’t know how. can you please help if this is possible? thanks!

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You can’t make a platformer mode…yet. Welcome to the forums, @huyckkid14

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Welcome to the form @huyckkid14! currently there is no way to make a 2d map like that but im pretty sure they will add it in the future

Hopefully, they’ll add it soon, but make sure to mark a solution to this topic to avoid getting the mods mad

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2d is the basic format for GKC. What are you talking about?

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DLD is not 2d… 2d is the normal creative interface


my bad. I ment like the 2d jumping mode.

Oh. @Apoll02 can help.

yeah @WhereIsMyHat is really good at this stuff.

Ok, thanks anyway!


Welcome to the forum @huyckkid14
Read these!

oh mb :sweat_smile:

thanks anyway

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Like I said, @Apoll02 created a platformer.

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