Help how do you add music in the background?


It’s not possible right now. Also, please don’t put any j0in codes. That can lead you to account suspension, resulting you to get banned.

give me a min and i’ll be with you

Dude, don’t do it! You can get banned!

who? me?

Posting game codes can result in you being banned. Also, it is not possible to add music as of right now, sadly.

Yeah, please don’t post game codes.

@PotionMaster I didn’t post a gme cde.
p.s I like the knew profile picture

No one said you did and also if someone breaks the rules you shouldn’t do it with them I think that’s what he means at least

Sorry, I think I mistook the number for a code. Thanks for the compliment though!

The posted code was one but it wasn’t him who posted it

at least i’m assuming it’s an actual code cuz he asked for help after posting an 8 digit code.

Search results for ‘how to add music’
This has also been asked before - to keep things clear, I’d suggest using the search feature to check for similar/identical questions or posts. Thanks :]

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