HELP HELP help me please!

So I just saved my map and it said error saving and so I saved it again a couple times and I generated my own showcase link and when I go in half of my map has been deleted WHAT THE HECK so I go back to my map worried and when I get in more than half of my map is destroyed is there anyway to get it back? I worked really hard on it

and this used to be my lobby

close the tab and open it again

I just did that and the damage is still there

i guess rebuild it
idk what other things to do

yo I FRICKIN spent a hour on it

That’s either a save error (likely, caused by bad internet/GKC being down) or someone found your password and is greifing your map (unlikely, reset your password in that case).

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Yeah I don’t think that there’s any way to get it back :frowning:
Maybe make sure that your permission settings are all off to be safe

yeah I never set my permissions on unless someone wants to help me

welll is it a bad word?

We actually don’t have little children here. The minimum age to legally use the forums is 13.


True point.
Sorry @leahciM

probably is dang I’m never putting so much of my time into a map ever again

Unless ppl don’t make an account and browse, but that probably never happens

i had something similar to one of my battle royal maps. I spent a whole month on it but all the devices that can be seen in playing mode i hid became showing. So i had to delete it

yea I’m doing that

You might have to. _____Land was 5 hours straight. My RPG is close to that, and who knows how many hours I spent making GK8… [1]

  1. Taking about GK8, would you like a Kart @Voidfluffy? ↩︎

mmmm ok maybe I’ll put a few 10 minutes into my maps

Honestly when I make maps, it’s 99% procrastination and 1% oh-no-I-gotta-finish hyperbuilding.


that’s so true

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