Help for Making a Keyboard (Resolved)

I decided to make a keyboard of my own, but for some reason the following blocks don’t update the text (although I checked everything):

This is the text’s code:

What isn’t updating exactly? Can you give more context as to your approach to making a keyboard?

There’s more triggers underneath

the buttons are covering up the capital keyboard

Parents making me sleep I can’t answer until tomorrow ;-;

It’s okay–going offline too.

Did you check if the property is true/false?

It shouldn’t matter because that’s just for shift, so it should at least print something

Does it work now?

Yeah, I just made the buttons run a pulse block.

@Anythinger, did you ever finish the keyboard?

Very cool idea!

Yeah, I finished it. Since it took a lot of memory, I deleted all the wires and thought of a better way. Should I make a guide on it?

It won’t be as messy as the screenshots of the old version.



agreed @RandomKid! i think this would be so cool to add to maps

@here Since I know other people have also made keyboards, do I need to say it’s my version?

Were you the first one to do it?

No, @bushenberg was.

So…what do I do?