Help for In-Game chat Guide By @Day

The In-game Chat system made by at @Dayy doesn’t seem to work.
If anybody could advise me what to check and be a little more specific with steps that’d be great.
The steps in guides weren’t AS specific

Edit: Following guide one more time. I’ll say if it works

No pls Somebody help…

Is this about the wix?

This is off-topic , and I’m gonna have to flag you.

This is rule bypassing. If you would like us to verbally help you that is okay, but this content can lead to spam and clutter, and violates the rules of the forum.


Dayum, Wait not so fast!

What are your device settings and wires?
It should work, a lot of people have used it in their games (like me!) and would’ve said if it didn’t work in the comments.

Wait, because I sent the Wix so you could play so its basically like giving you the code

In terms of rules, yes.

Well I used a lot of Basic steps and what they said In the guide

1: Fixed all Wrong Devices Even!

2: Used Used Messsages things Already

3: And I even checked

The steps were like super confusing
And even at the end double checking the Steps
THE uses language CHAT DIDN’T WORK

1: What exactly happened when you tried to click the popup call-to-action and what do you mean by “The chat didn’t work,” can you please clarify?

2: Watch your Language.

When I did it just showed a list of buttons.
And when clicking it nothing happened.
It just skipped to the next thing I typed for the chat

Well I editted it so i think I’m fine


1: Could you show me screenshots?

2: What exactly did you click when it opened the next set of messages?
Did you click the message or the “Next Messages/Category” thing?
If you clicked the “Messages” and it opened the next set of messages, you wired it wrong.
It’s supposed to send a notification/activity feed when you click the message/s.

Okay let me get some Screenshots and Then say yes or no

Alright Here take a Look

I don’t understand what I did wrong or with anything else.
If this Isn’t a problem I can show you some other stuff

Did you read the whole thing of my previous message?

Also, could you send me a video of the problem using a video to gif coverter?
If you want to make it long, make the width and height really short.
(Like the problem in-game and what happens in-game)

I checked the pictures and text dude

Okay hang on @Haiasi

Okay @Haiasi look
Btw I never mentioned I use a button because my map doesn’t show whatever the thing is called to open the chat
Okay here
screen-recording_V1 (1)