Help for designing quests

I need some help with coming up with quests for my RPG game, and I litterley have been thinking about this for probably a week with no sucess, so I decided to ask you guys. I don’t know if this is nessacery, but here’s a picture of where you get your quests:
Screenshot 2023-12-27 4.10.37 PM

Thank you!

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Make one so that you have to catch a blue or purple fish for a fisherman and he will give you lots of money

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or a very special item

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a quest where you have to find something. ex: somebody (sentry) lost a piece of jewelry, find it and bring it back to them.

The only thing with that is that you can’t make custom items, so…

you can make pseudo items probably
like with properties and
emojis or props

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…But I mean it’s a good idea, and I could use something existing

btw is that ur real name or not

Oh, yeah, Dragon1 is totally my real name

( ._.) no I meant walker anderson

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Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, yeah

just needed to make sure no need to get mad or sarcastic or whatever
off topic do you have splitzy

Oh sorry I did’nt intend it to sound that way, and no I do not have splitzy


“No Splitzy?”
sorry I drew this and wanted to post it

Good drawing but i don’t know what it is

What!?! look up Megamind no meme
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