Help for an arcade type game

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Name: Click Speed Racing
In Click Speed Racing (might change that name), you and your opponent have 20 seconds before the race starts to click a button as many times as you can to increase your speed for when the race starts! When it does, you’ll have to stay on the track, dodge obstacles, and hope you clicked the fastest!

Click Speed Racing! An action-packed game full of excitement, competitiveness and fun! Play it now!


honestly i might make this myself

I have a similar game. Make a short maze. Then, add a few sentries with rare slingshots and have max speed and accuracy. Optional: add a time limit.

that doesn’t really seem super similar to click speed racing but ok

You’re kind of right, but the games could be fun combined. Also, the sentries might help level the playing field if someone is significantly faster.

hmmm yeah

ill also add props that show and hide randomly

Good idea, I made mine in like 10 minutes and i didn’t think of that.

im also working on a game that is a maze with a 15x15 grid of rooms, each with four openings (one on each side). except whenever you walk into a new room, each opening in the entire maze has a 50% chance of being blocked by a barrier, and a 50% chance of being opened/kept open. basically, it’s a maze that changes as you walk through it.

That’s smart, but what if all four doors close while you’re inside? Is there some sort of debugger?

yeah, i did think of that… maybe instead of it changing when you walk into a new room, it just changes automatically every few seconds.

Yeah, that would work; but what if someone just stood there and waited for the right doors.

i doubt anyone has the patience to do that

I might. What’s the change interval?

probably three or five seconds

Oh yeah, I could do that.

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