Help For a Huge Map

I already have a huge map that is called Magictopia GimWorld, but I’m trying to think of another one. All ideas are accepted! They just need to include these things:

It takes up a lot of memory
It has to have a lot of detail

That’s it! Thank you for all the ideas!

An Airport with planes that will teleport you to somewhere like a plane normaly would.

a minigame that will give you rewards for how far you complete it
10 ko’s you get green seed
50 ko’s you get purple seed
100 ko’s you get golden seed

Nice! I like both ideas! I might combine them!

cool, cool. wish you luck with it man!

Thats what the forum is for, great ideas.

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you could make a world with a maze of lasers some of them fake some real some invisible some not you could have traps and add lots of other stuff

Thank you, that sounds great! I might also add some other props and devices to maybe spice it up, but over all, amazing idea!

Can i help you guys work on your huge map

Okay, what is your suggestion?

are you in gimkit rn if not host a game and tell me the code

you could make a map with a bunch of different worlds like the dessert or the ocean or the snow there is a lot of options

that could be risky. best bet is to do it on the wix site.

wdym it could be risky

Actually, I did Magictopia with Space, Desert, Forest, Ocean, and winter.

its against the rules to do it on this form

ok im new to this sorry

its made by gimkit that is the whole point

its ok the admins are chill if its your first time and didn’t know. same thing happen to me.

Don’t worry, I’m new too.