Help for a Gimkit Idea

I am awfully bored right now, I seriously DO NOT want to make a Maze or a Battle Royale, Hide and Seek, Tag, Capture the Flag, or anything like that. Any ideas for me?

Make an rpg! I’m making one right now! It’s fun it allows creativity and exploration and it really makes you think.

What type of RPG? I made a Jail Escape, once, but I don’t want to again…

Forest rpg where you can explore conduct research and find new things. Think BMC x Adventure Academy.

Maybe a secret lab RPG? Do you think that would work? Like, you’re in a forest, you gotta find and grow food, find secret lab, have to find a cure for mysterious sickness… You win if you find the cure? I think that would be nice…

Sure. That sounds good. I don’t want people copying my RPG game!

Also why are you eating animals users? Don’t eat me!

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I don’t eat bears. I have a teddy bear that does not like being eaten, so I’m not eating any bears. :slight_smile:

Don’t blame me I LOVE stuffed animals. Not the real animal kind. the Furry type. The Fake fur ones.


A game with lore would be fun. No judgement about the stuffed animal @Blizzy I know what you're talking about

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I think there should be lore. The disease spread wiped out your town and caused many loved ones to turn into the diseased. You must find the cure along with survivors and save the world encountering many troubles on the way.

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FYI: an RPG mixed with other gamemodes does not always turn out well. (My battle royale + mystery solving game is my experience… people were too busy KOing each other in the “normal” section to explore the map…) ALSO @Blizzy, I take back the truce. If you want a mountain home, there are plenty of other mountains in the range, but this one is all MINE!

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you could have made a zone that makes it so they can’t fire there. If they try, their gun is stuck for the rest of the game anyways. :rofl:

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