Help finding thumbnails

I need thumbnail ideas of gims in a school bus

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this is off topic, i think


Do you need art of the gims in the bus? What are the ideas going to be for?


How about pixel art? can i make a pixel art thumbnail for you?(or at least attempt one and if I fail ask someone better at pixel art?)

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a thumbnail for my game when i publish it its the only thing I have lest to do and I thought some one could help me

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I would change title name to help finding thumbnails…

sure! I want vortex agent and echo agent also gimaldo in a bus

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ill get back to you about progress tommarow or next week depending on school.

:0 I leave tomorrow so I kinda need it QUICK

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why today??its late at night for me and making a good thumbnail takes time!

CAUSE I am moving tomorrow so I need it tonight (if possable if not pls find someone to do it quick)

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wait why does that stop you from doing it some other time??
when you at new house just get the thumbnail then?
also I can try to find someone…

becase i am using my school acc and then i forgot my password so that once I move that means New PC and new everything so I wont be able to get back on this acc after tomorrow so yeah Thats the situation

Wouldn’t you lose your maps anyway then?

well thats easy!
click forgot password!
and if it doesn’t show up in email then change email to a home email maybe?

Yeah. Then it does email confirmation

Tell us if this works, if not I can attempt to get someone to help with thumbnail today…if it works ill give it to you when you are done moving…try to get back to us with a reply soon, the sooner the better chance of you getting a thumbnail today if email confirmation does not work.

since I live in GA and moving to miami flordia it will remove my Email acc so its usless

wait do you have a phone or computer email?
you can change account email to a device you would bring with you!
then problem solved and you save your account!

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I can make a thumbnail rq if you want me to