Help before I post my guide

how do i make it whre it says skip to materials skip to game etc how to I do that

I’m not sure, but it’s not necessary to do that.
It’s just for longer guides that have many, many parts.
I look forward to seeing your guide!

@VoidFluffy thanks for the support one kind of off topic question, will you be willing to check over my guide after it is posted and I announce in it that it is finished

Just some final tips before you post,
-proper grammar
-pictures are powerful!

right is it fine if i add the pictures after the guide is made and finished I add them as a reply to the post?

No, that will be very hard to read.

It’s best to include the images in the guide so that readers will be able to understand and appreciate them.

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ok (i need the letters)

Final tip in general- to bypass the 20 character limit you can put letters between <>

ok thanks @VoidFluffy i look foward to making the guide

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@VoidFluffy one more question before i make it can I use the tug and wiki tags?

tug yes if it’s a full explanation on a laser maze (like FULL)
wiki no since it’s not a wiki (you’re not tl3 can’t make them)

how do you even get tl3? i tried one time, and then i gave up.

kay thannks How do i become regular? - #2 by twofoursixeight read this @wait.what.626Youtube


if you read what the link says then you can

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bruh im pretty sure I’ve done most of that by now… :cry:

I don’t think so. I am not a tl3 yet, and I have WAY more posts and topics read in the past 100 days. You also need no suspensions or silences in the past 100 days.

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Also, it’s how active you are. You only have 85-ish days visited, while I, when I got regular, had about 200.


I am viewing the quarter, not all time. Just fyi

I know.
I mean in your bio, the whole time your account has been active you have only visited 85ish days.

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This is starting to get off topic…