Help... again with my RPG game

So, I need help… again. How do I make it so when a sentry is knocked out, two channels get sent out, not one, two. Because I want you to earn coins, and knock-outs form knocking out a sentry. (coins are a property.) (not related to my last post)

This game may need a lot of help posts.

but also I will make a guide using something I learned

bump because no one replied

don’t do that [bumps are for guides after like a week of inactivity]

just have both activate on the same channel

If that doesn’t work, just wire the sentry to a trigger that transmits on the other channel

Soooooooo, a wire for every one of my sentries! This is a RPG game you know, and a trigger for all my sentries! there will be a lot of sentries.

and a lot of wires and triggers

no, don’t do that

have all sentries transmit on the same channel. a trigger picks up on the channel. it then sends a message on a channel that grants coins, and is wired to a trigger that transmits for knockouts

then have all of them linked to this same system so you only make it once

ooooooooh, okay that helped.

quick thing, how do I lower a property by 35/ 60? I need this for my shop

as in subtract 7/12 from it or divide it or what?

actually, it doesn’t matter. change it into a decimal, go into blocks,
place a ‘set property’ block
and use the blocks in the ‘math’ tab to change it how you want

lower it by lets say… 30

thanks though!

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oh, that’s easy:

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where do I do the blocks in though?

depends… where do you need to use the property in?

so I can remove coins (property) when you buy something

ok, then do it in a trigger or a notification [memory efficient!]

so it’s like: check passes (checks if property is __) ---------> trigger. (do block code in trigger)?

Wait, are your coins an item or just a property