Help: A Itchy problem

Grass is itchy, that’s how the topic was named
I need to make an alien plant white
Why? Because I want to make a mop.
Only true Chernobyl fans know this:

you cant tint props white. this is because of the TINT mechanism. to tint a prop, you update the original color by adding a diff color. tinting white = original color.

:frowning: okay

Any suggestions?

one sec, i have an idea and I want to test it.

You could put barriers or smth

brown mops are a thing, just tint it brown and put an ice bucket beside it.
add more for a moppy look
hows that @XxGuyt6517xX

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Love it thanks!
Sorry I took so long, had some homework.

also what is the exact RGB?

Red Green & Blue is “RGB”

I know, what is the # code for it in RGB

i dont know, but its redish grey, so if that helps :blush: :melting_face: :melting_face:

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