Heavy Turret ( ⬜ 0/10)

Hi! This is my first Post, so tell me how I did!


Step 1

Resize a camera and put it on the ground like this:

(The one on the left is for scale)

Step 2

Then put a black stool on top of the camera:

Step 3

Put a rotated Black Briefcase behind the stool

Step 4

Resize, Rotate, and Place a Light Gray Space Container
Screenshot 2024-02-26 1.28.57 PM

Step 5

Resize, Rotate, and Place (Again!) a Gate Console
Screenshot 2024-02-26 1.32.54 PM


Make it work!

Place a Laser like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-26 3.08.11 PM
2. Configure settings like so:

Devices & Wires

Wires 1 and 3 are pretty straightforward
Wire 2: When the wire repeater receives a pulse > Deactivate Button
Wire 4: When the wire repeater receives a pulse > Activate Laser

Wire Repeater 1: Delay 0.5
Wire Repeater 2: Normal

And You’re Done!


A little note

Plz don’t say welcome to the forums, I’ve been on here since the birth of these forums, but I made an account recently, and this is my first guide/post

How was the guide?


I rate it 10/10 but… it kinda looks weird NO OFFENSE

Nice, but i added the art tag because this is art and all art guides are rated 0/10. But it does look good, maybe cover it in metal signs and shade them?


Yea but still cool

No offense taken, i agree

I forgot to add art tag

I mean it’s pretty clever that you use those props to show how you shrunk them…

Your good, that’s why i added it for you. :slight_smile:


I feel like a little layering could make it look better

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Ok, I see that

Did you read the note?

Yes, I read it which is why i didn’t say anything about welcome-ing.

? I did but when I clicked on the guide I was thinking of something like this
Heavy Turret

I could Probably Try and make something like that

which would use metal plates and metal poles shaded.

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Can you make it? imagine your friend just tells you to enter their game and you do but the moment you get in they just shoot you :slight_smile:


You: “Oops, I didn’t know you were joining” :rofl:

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How do you bypass the 20 character limit again?

you use this <> no spaces or numbers