Health & Shield

Can you increase your health and shield with a button or something in the game?

Use the health granter device. It gives the player a set amount of health when used.

No, for example, what I mean is, for example, you started the game with 100 hearts and can you increase it to 200 with a vending machine or a button or something else?

starts with 100 health, when vending machine bought gives 100 more health?

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You can do that in ‘Map Options’ in settings.

But I want it in the game

yess this is what i want

You can make players start with not full health and grant them more later, effectively increasing their health.

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But won’t the player start with full hearts when they respawn after someone kills them?

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ooh, easy, First choose what health to start with, then vending machine you go on it and put what you want FOR the health increase then get health granter and wire it to vending machine, If purchased increase health, If this helps mark a solution plz

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No, they will start with the default health.

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ok but also the player will always start with that many hearts after being killed (it will need to update its heart each time)

This time this will be a problem

You can give them more when they respawn with a lifecycle or KO manager connected to a health granter. Knockout managers can be activated and deactivated, so this makes for a good way to add more health. When you get an upgrade, grant health and activate the manager.


sorry but I don’t know exactly how to do this

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You do what I said. It may take some work, but I don’t feel like explaining it more than that.

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Okay, I’ll try it, I hope it works, but since I haven’t used things like lifecycle much, I’m not sure how to do it, thank you anyway :slight_smile:


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