Have a gimkit skin made

If I have an idea of a skin could I draw a picture and maybe have it made a skin

Go to the gimkit feedback for this. The forums are not for suggestions. Edit this quickly to prevent flags, @181818. And welcome to the forums!

You could, but please don’t post it here. The forum is for GKC topics only, emphasis on the Creative. Also, you might want to mark a solution before you get like 20-50 replies all telling you to do the same thing. [1] Or if you really want us to see it, you could post it in your bio, and then everyone will be able to see it. Hope this helps! [2]

  1. Seriously guys, why is THAT the thing you guys focus on, and not actually helping? READ THE REPLIES GUYS! ↩︎

  2. Any replies saying a version of what I just said after me WILL be flagged. DON’T try me. ↩︎


Basically what ClicClac said
but you can also use inspect for only client side custom gim
but thats it

Custom gims are possible, I just saw a video about it. ClicClac is right about how the forum is for Gimkit Creative topics only though

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Please don’t sign your posts, your name is attached to it

please mark a solution @Dog-So-Cute and welcome to the forums!

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