Has anyone seen the grid-snap visual bug?

Has anyone seen this bug?

Screenshot 2024-03-14 2.00.07 PM


And/or know the cause of it.

I have not, but this is probably because I never use grid-snap…

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Welcome to the forums @that_guy23! Enjoy your time. The skip in the grid is probably a visual glitch, so reload, restart, and try again.

probably because gimkit forgot to generate a line

reload/close out the tab/disable and enable grid snap


only seen it a few times when gimkit was updating creative, maybe it is because of platforming update

I see this all the time, when you move around sometimes lines don’t generate in grid view. You can’t fix it by doing anything like restarting; you just have to ignore it.

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thats not really a bug, if you go to all of the grid snap sectors, they all have a row like that.

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