Has anyone made Bad Apple in Gimkit?

I wanted to but i couldn’t so I wondered if someone else took the challenge.

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What’s a bad apple game and what is the goal?

It is definitely possible, but I don’t think anyone has “done” it, in the sense.

Yeah, what is bad apple?

Bad apple:

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yeah that

extra characters

Okay, the quality would probably… suck. But you technically could make it using really small text objects that always change. It would be a nightmare without @Blackhole927’s color display (that’s WIP anyways), and I don’t think anyone here has the time.


well i’ll guess i’ll wait for that to be done, but thanks.

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Mark my post as solution if it helped!

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i dont think this is really possible

But… it is.

how tho

Use a large amount of text objects that change as time goes on.

hide/show props/text emojis using a central recursion timer to track ticks/cycles/time.

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