Has anyone else had this happen

I have been working on a map similar to One Way Out with different levels inspired by the Gimkit modes like a beach level for fishtopia or a farm level for farmchain. I did a starting level using mostly stuff One Way Out but when I tried to add more terrain like sand it wouldn’t appear. I decided to try setting my background as the terrain and then this happened.

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Hmm, strange. This might be a visual glitch. Also welcome to the forums @No_one!
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Welcome to the community!

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This actually looks kinda cool. :smiley:

That’s a really cool bug! As the general rule of thumb reload the page, wait for the internet to get better, or take a break and come back later (some bugs are because of gimkt code and as such must be fixed by the mods themselves). Some of us really need to touch some grass right now.


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