Guys please I need help with a thumbnail (Urgent)

Guys please I need help with a thumbnail
and here are the details:
Game name: Explore Your New Home!

Gims: stache (as the dad) daisy (as the m0m) Solaria (as you or me) cocoa cup or golden cocoa cup (as the brother)

Gim actions: running into the new home

Setting: family outside running towards there new home

Hand-drawn or Photoshop: hand-drawn

if you can make one i would be really grateful!
(and i know i made a another topic like this for the same exact topic but nobody saw it)

I can try and make it!
It might be a day or two though if that’s alright with you.

wait sorry wrong topic

ok @Average but hand-drawn please

I will try to hand draw it but it def won’t be too good. I’ll do my best anyway!

Also are we drawing all 4 gims running into the home or just solaria?

all four

why did you repost the topic even though someone already drew one for you?

oh no it was not only the gims were drawn but im still going to put those in the poll too

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almost done! will be back soon ive been working on it or HOURS

ok @Kosm0-o

I FINALLY FINISHED! I STAYED UP LATE FOR THIS AND PUT IN SO MUCH DETAIL (If you look really closely to cocoa cup gi I put into the sprinkles). WOOH BOY!
Here is the finished product:

EDIT: Sorry but your name kinda got cut out. Hope it’s okay. :smiley:

oh im sorry but that looks awesome @Kosm0-o ill add it to the poll when everyone is done

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