Guys, I need help

i ben very unmotvated and i ned help

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well if u dont have a map then we cant rlly help…
and if ur unmotivated then who motivates you?

btw. it’s spelled “need” not “ned”. Ned is like a name :P.

I do have map! djkjdfjadf

you dont have to type a bunch of random letters
you can do this:

do that. but without the period. special characters dont work

like this?

now back on topic
do u have a map u are workin on at all?


what is the map abt?
(i can stay for a short amnt of time b4 i gotta go to school ._.)

its a zombie infection game where the most amount of people on each team (zombie vs humans) wins, zombie can get players by infecting them, the human team can cure the infected to win over some new players!

mm ok
well i gtg
try to add things u think would be fun to the game
and not make it better
since adding funny things most likely will motivate you
ok byee

k, i miaght be offline for a month or a week because i goingon a trip.

How can zombies infect, and how can humans cure?