Guys I caught a rainbow Ladybug!

Here are the lady-bugs

  1. image
  2. When changing the size of an object and then moving it, the object will move to the top right of your screen.
  3. When using the vertical alignment tool sometimes the object moves down a little bit
  4. When copying the gamecode there is a period before the code that will make the code invalid unless it’s removed (Fixed for now)

Anyway to fix any of these? And yes I reported these to Gimkit, I hope this helps anyone confused!


I don’t know how to fix… But maybe email

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I did, thanks for posting though!

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This has happened to me. It will eventually stop so… I think u got to exit out of the game, rejoin and it should work.

No it copies it just with a period before the code like .12808424

Yeah, why does it have a “.” in front of it?

Well, there isn’t really a way to solve this right at the moment…

Im not sure maybe a typo from the devs

I think u got to exit out of the game, rejoin and it should work.

I’ll try it rn to see if it works

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You’ve already messaged so I think they will fix it soon enough

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Alr, let me know what happens.

Well in my creative map it just copied the invite URL, I’ll try it in an official game to see if the bug happens then.

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alr lemme know if it works

It just copies the URL, ig it is fixed. thanks gimkit!

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Mark a solution if ur question has been answered, @Gliddd ! (No pressurization sry if that came out harsh)

Wait, I think it’s because you are supposed to copy the entire link not just the game c0d3 and when you do that, the entire link goes there. But since letters won’t work there, the only thing that works there are the numbers and the periods?

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No, it didn’t at all, I’m probably going to keep this open in case anyone finds out that one of the other bugs gets patched.

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Maybe, I honestly have no clue


Nice avatar btw, just wanted to mention

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Huh, weird bug you got there.