Gun game problems

already getting help from someone but need we both still need help

please go back to your other topic instead of creating more topics


sorry i just didnt think that i was allowed to have a topic open for longer than a few days

Yeah, prevents clutter

so do i just delete this one and not start another one or just keep this one open until the issue is resolved?

i just really want to get my map finished and i dont know how to do it and i need help

could anybody help me finish my map? the devices arent set right

We don’t know what’s wrong with them. Can you explain more about which part is broken?

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so when i test the game, it gives you more than one gun, and when i get a knock out it doesnt switch your gun

Can you send a picture of the gun-giving system?

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item spawner? yea ill try.

negative item granter?

[Posting a picture of your game isn’t bad if its so people can help you. You just want to avoid having the code in the picture.]

What are the Inventory Item Managers used for?

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yea i know i just had to edit it because it had the code in the pic

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the item granters have the “give 1” try and make it where it says “give -1”

what do u mean, give negative 1?

use an item granter to take away an item

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If you give someone a negative amount of item, it removes that amount of item from the player.

So, This prob might work. So I see that you have a lifecycle (Prob set to when a player is knocked out) wired to a counter. so you can have this ( Event Occurs → Increment Counter) Which also probably has a target of 1, So that when a player knocks out a person they get a new weapon and it takes away their first gadget/gun.

I will prob make I guide on this but to continue I need to know the gadget/gun you start with.