Guide Question (more space)

no, I mean you made a Help topic to see if you could make a Community Made Guides topic.

I only accept topic that help with guides so you should do it

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There’s kinda a device only the developers can use (not viewable to us) where it could grant XP.

I know.

This is a interesting idea

You know what yes you should @FersionSpeedy


Oooh this ought to be interesting :slight_smile:

@FersionSpeedy did you get your answer?

Definitely an interesting idea. If you get around to do it can you make a post so I can prank my friends?

Sure If I have some time

I’ll wait until the poll ends, then i’ll do what the votes say.

Got to go I got to eat

Yeah, i’m doing it. It may be obvious, though, considering it’s not from that white text you’ll see when you get XP.

Awesome! Good luck @FersionSpeedy

@FersionSpeedy I could make a guide for you and credit you. I will work on it today.

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Thanks for the help, but i don’t need it.

You sure? because i also like the Idea and just tell me if you need my help with anything.

I’m (probably) sure.

Also, alright.

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So just don’t forget that if you don’t need use with this topic mark a solution. and just ask on your post if you need my help


Make sure that it isn’t a copy of this guide:

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