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I want to make a guide to make a fake XP system, and let me explain:

The fake XP system is making the player think they got XP from doing an action when playing someone’s game, but in reality, the XP didn’t even come to them. It would be pretty obvious, though.
Should i make it?

  • Make it
  • Don’t make it, horrible idea.
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I mean, you make a topic to see if you can make a topic?

you can if you want do you even know how to do that @FersionSpeedy


I’m making a guide for people to trick players into thinking they got XP.

It would be obvious, though.

no, I mean you made a Help topic to see if you could make a Community Made Guides topic.

I only accept topic that help with guides so you should do it

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There’s kinda a device only the developers can use (not viewable to us) where it could grant XP.

I know.

This is a interesting idea

You know what yes you should @FersionSpeedy


Oooh this ought to be interesting :slight_smile:

@FersionSpeedy did you get your answer?

Definitely an interesting idea. If you get around to do it can you make a post so I can prank my friends?

Sure If I have some time

I’ll wait until the poll ends, then i’ll do what the votes say.

Got to go I got to eat

Yeah, i’m doing it. It may be obvious, though, considering it’s not from that white text you’ll see when you get XP.

Awesome! Good luck @FersionSpeedy

@FersionSpeedy I could make a guide for you and credit you. I will work on it today.

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Thanks for the help, but i don’t need it.