Gui/shop overlay

How do I make it so if you press a button it opens a GUI with more buttons on it

Just wire the button to a popup! You can customize it from there!

Make sure to mark a solution. If you want, you could also teleport to a room with vending machines, if thats easier. For the popups, use call to actions to add buttons. One button could be a “buy” button and another could be a “next button”. if they click the next button, send them to another similar popup with a different item.
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How do I edit the popup to make it do that

You could also make a popup shop, as explained by @mysz.

Go into its settings, and there will be options to change what it says, and add up to two buttons that do stuff when clicked.

It’s in the “Call to Action” options


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You could also make an overlay shop. It can also support varying prices.

Also you move while buying stuff

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