Gtho game I'm making

I need a system were if a player holds a spasific item they can hit a botton and then that botton changes a players pov from very small to normal

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… what? umm let me auto correct sorry that i have its a little confusing

I need a system where if a player holds a specfic item they can hit a button and then that button changes a players pov from very small to normal

so you can use the camera zoom in thing and have it deactivate when you have a press the button but the button will check for the item and if you have it. (you can’t detect the item people are holding but you can if they have it)

but im not a coding person so maybe get @WolfTechnology


Changing the pov or determining when someone holds an item are either extremely hard or impossible to determine. ALSO @Lostsea3, Wolf is 100% not a coding person.


oh i thought he was sorry i know he is an art/prop person like i am i can little to none i could get better if i actually tried in my coding class

It’s fine! We all make mistakes!

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Yeah I know more than most but not as well as some people on here, there like wizards at it.

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Well, I don’t know. You might need to teleport the player to another place EXACTLY the same as a different place to do that, but I don’t think you can unless you copy the room exactly and teleport them there with a camera view, cause there isn’t any settings.

Ok, i have a way, but i need 5 min to make u screen shots

Umm, im stumped, you cannot configure a camera view, so i cant change a player pov, so your question is technically impossible,. SOrry!

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You can change its size. I made a guide about camera views awhile back but it got removed but really that was about it.

yeah, but you cant deactivate or activate, so there is no way to make the pov change, unless we teleport you to a identical room, and that is going to be a HASSSLE to make, and very ineffective

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I’m not asking for a camera view I’m asking about your camera zooming in a lot to represent fog

Ok, i am confused, so you want to zoom in, which is going to need a camera view, but the thing a bout fog?

Yeah, that’s pretty much impossible as of right now. What you could do as an alterative is set up an coordinate system that deactivates the barrier in the zone that you are in, effectively creating fog.

The zoomed in camera is representing fog as fog makes you not be able to see good

ok… but camera view is the only way to do that right?

This is most likely impossible but maybe you could try something like tons of circle grey barriers turning on and off with walking over triggers.

That would require camera views, which is very, VERY hard to make look good. Honestly, I don’t think this is possible.