Grimoire Thumbnail

's what it’s for.
…By the way, what’s your map called?

Mine or the creator of this posts one


Did I mention how much I dislike the 20 char limit?


Just search up my username and its all three of them

okay @C-C if you dont mind

ive been away for a few weeks cause of schoolwork

some one fill me in when the heck did Art was added

If you want a thumbnail put the art tag

in short
1.mods and other peeps said thumbnails were allowed
2.anti thumbnail peeps said the equivalent to what is ¨nuh uh¨
3.jeff finally got tired of it and made an art category so less drama would be made about it
4. questions were raised about what the art category would be specifically for which could lead to another debate until clarified via email or post
5.yeet. no questions asked


Whats the game called btw? I just wanna know so I can try to add it.

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I sprained my wrist so this is taking pretty long…

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Nvm, you can add the title yourself. here is the thumbnail :crossed_fingers:


gotta admit the shading is good
tho the jaws i wish i could draw jaws as good as that
even tho the shapes are relatively simple the shading makes them look awesome and ghostly
i mostly just smudge my drawings for smoother shading but that dosent always work out heh… :sweat_smile:
but overall 10/10 from me and— oooooo dem foxtreats look tasty- (DONT GET DISTRACTED ME) yeah maybe the lore could be based on what is in the grimoire like a secret waiting to be found type of book? ooooo just thinking about the lore is getting me excited to write it but it´s not my story to write lol it´s @C-C ´s

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did I mention how much I hate the 20 character rule

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no problem
also you can do this to to hide the rest of the 20 characters just delete the space between the first one and dont include special character in there

< impasta>

my jaw dislocated when I saw this

that is literally perfect


Quick side note, I haven’t actually come up with a name yet-

I’ll make a new help topic on deciding the name

comment on that topic and i’ll make a poll

here’s link:

yall could also reply on here if thats easier