Google writing software theory and stocks

To be clear this is not a guide just a theory this would be huge if we can solve this. For stock tracking tycoon sort of thing

Google sheets

What I have thought of. A powerful text display to simulate that and a keyboard.


I think we could use something with a checker I think.


A tycoon sort of game where you can buy stocks


@Blackhole927 you’re good at this type of stuff. so an you reply when your back on.

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Are you trying to make google software… IN GIMKIT??


Yes very much so.


Sorry- what exactly is this?

Do you know what google sheets is?

Yes lol.

I’m trying to make that in GKC.

Just the full of google sheets?
Also this isn’t clay institute.

I didn’t put that there.
Basically just as much of google sheets as possible.

Use text objects to display the contents of each cell, as for input and whatnot, I don’t know.


This would be insanely hard.

Triggers? (Im not the best at stuff like this)

I was also saying function and how function would work.

Wait, so you guys are just tryna make a stock market game?


This would probably take lots of pop ups, text, game overlays, properties, cash.

For stocks, you can do each as it’s own property, for how much you own, and the stock property is it’s name and it’s gain, or something. Definitely not my field, this seems really complicated, But I hope you guys could finish it! :slight_smile:

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No google sheets. And in google sheets you can track stocks.

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Ohhh, ok.

Wait that’s possible…? Crazy. (Maybe possible.?)

But very cool! I wish you the best of luck!

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Here is my stocks

Screenshot 2024-03-03 20.54.08

I’ve made 25k in profit but this was token three days ago.


What’s the theory behind this? This also seems like a very niche thing to cover so it wouldn’t have much impact to most projects if it was solved.


It would be big because of how much complicated stuff that google writing software have.