Goodbye. i'm taking a break

@here, I’m sorry for disturbing you guys but i just want to say I’m going to be leaving the forums.

I know I have been around for like5 mouths but I just need some time off. I will come and visit and see the stuff going around but not going to be replying a lot.

I loved the forums but its getting a little out of hand,
what I mean by that is that I had my SOL and I got back my grade one it and I got like just above the passing score and it was that moment I realized that the forums has literally made me ADDICTED.

I would really rather spend more time on school and with my family.

peace out.



Don’t know what that means but we will miss you.

o7 warrior
American anthem starts playing


Yeah… always make sure you prioritize your academics over the forums. Good luck with your studies, you’re making the right choice here.


wow. that must have been a hard decision to make.

but anyhow, good luck on life! :slight_smile:


you don’t need to clutter the forums and make a new topic.

Peace brotha

o7 good job taking better priorities first.

o7 :saluting_face: Farewell Soldier

I get that you’re trying to follow the FAQ, but people leaving is kind of a big thing here (from what I’ve heard) Show some respect

yeah, respect the forums and don’t make off-topic topics when you leave.

WOW, that was a HUGE burn I feel sorry @yaypoke624x.

Following academics is a good choice.

it’s good, but rank 15 dynamike over here is disrespecting a fallen soldier

Please don’t start a flamewar. This is not April Fools and we are not flamethrowers.