Good Thumbnail Request for my GKC map

Agreed so I’m waiting happily, cause, I know that her workis always good!


oh sorry- I’ll have this done today.

yes, I also love her workies

Hey @VoidFluffy is the the thumbnail done? I am ready to publish but i don’t have the thumbnail.

yep- I’ll have it by this afternoon

what time do you estimate that being? Just curious.

2-ish. I have a free period later today so I can fit that in.

I thought Rick roller was going to be using the thumbnail though…?

oof, um ok. Thanks for doing it though. :slight_smile:

its my map that we are using it for. Its my first publish. But wanted a really good thumbnail so i had him ask because i can’t see canva. And he said you do them well so i said make a request. Confusing, ik.

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How has no one asked what the game is called?

It’s called Combat Trainer.

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Here is a thumbnail i made for the game:

Just Green Gim looking at some gadgets and red and blue gim continuing their rivalry.

Ok thanks, but void’s got this. I wanted it hand drawn. But that looks good. :slight_smile:

Nice, but wolf told me hand drawn were the best eye catchers in discovery, so Imma go with @VoidFluffy’s.

Hold on let me cook, I’ma make something good

So mine is trash? :frowning:

Oke, make something promising for him.

that’s not what i said…

Oh, oke.

Oh. No, no no no no! Yours isn’t trash, He’s just saying that VoidFluffy is doing it.