Glitches when moving/erasing items

Anyone else have glitches when you try to move or erase a particular item and it tries to move or erase a completely different item?

What exactly happens when you move/erase items?

For example, if I try to move a bush, it says that I am moving a flower; a flower that is not even on the page I am working on. The same thing happens when I try to delete something.

Oh, are you on a touchscreen device? This is a glitch in mobile because Gimkit Creative only supports Computers/Laptops

I’m using a laptop. Not touchscreen.

Oh. I don’t know the solution then :[.
Maybe try pressing Ctrl + R to refresh your screen

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I’ve noticed a glitch where if I quickly move my cursor while moving an item, it quickly gets dragged off screen. This could be related.


That happens to me as well.

yea that happens sometimes, try clicking on something else, or closing the eraser tab and reopening it

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That happens to me. Just try spamming m and clicking on it. That normally resolves it when that happens.

You can play the game then end it which makes the game refresh so you are not selecting anything. :slight_smile: this will help.

Try refreshing. If it works, mark a solution!