GKC Map Switching

Hey does anyone know if it’s possible that we could switch maps from accounts? I know it’s not a feature, but I have a map that I would like to move. Would I just have to email the admins?

It’s a map that would take a while to recreate and that I worked on with friends…I just don’t want to have it on my school account.

Hmm :thinking:
Maybe you would have to either ask an admin or just suggest on the nolt. I’m currently wondering how to have a second email for the same account, since I kinda spent $10 on my Gimkit school account (why did i do that :exploding_head:) and I might try to switch the account so I don’t lose it in 4 years, since they might retire the account after high school.

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No you can’t do that. As of you can’t have an admin move a game to another account. If you want you can switch the emails on the accounts so you personal is now your school and you school is now your personal. If that makes sense. oh and long time no see 7th.

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Um I dont think you can do that but you could be n the same map while editing.

Yeah makes sense… :disappointed: I guess I’ll just…mark a solution…

yurp long time no see…may be on in the summer tho…

oh thats good to hear, but i might not be on in the summer…


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