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My goal when creating GKC guides is to create complicated, fun, and awesome art guides! :sunglasses: But I recently ran into a problem, Art guides aren’t allowed! :frowning:
I’m not good at device guides, but I’m better at art guides! because my guides are supposed to be complicated, can I still make them?

My guides are supposed to be realistic and complicated for others to follow if needed

This is off-topic, please don’t post this.
Art guides are allowed, but they have to be new, a revelation, not just another showcase.

hiasi said that art guides arnt allowed

im sorry for being off topic, but many other people asked about guides without being scolded, and I just wanted to know :frowning:

I think they are, but it has to be new. If someone else has already made a guide similar, or there is an already existing and well known way to do it, please don’t post. That really goes for all of the guides, not just art.

Search before you post.

@getrithekd said that art guides temporarily aren’t allowed due to the amount of off-topic posting and getting back to the originial purpose of the forum.

I meant the off topic posting that would result from the discussion, not art guides. However, I do think that we should stop posting the art guides so we can get back to the true purpose of this forum: device help.

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Oh, right. Yeah, I totally messed that part up. Sorry.

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No problem. Just glad that you’re trying to help!

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I want to make complicated, never-made before, unique art guides, is that allowed? I’m dumb when It comes to devices (or anything, I’m stupid)

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If it’s about devices, then yeah.

how long are we staying away from art guides? (I love making them)


I don’t know. Maybe until device guides are back on track because art shouldn’t be the main focus of the forums.

so, just untill people focus on devices more?

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time to study every device so i can be a tug master

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