Gizmos guide to the crafter!

So the day I am making this (1/22/24) The crafter came out! I have been experimenting with it and here is all the basics of it!

“The crafter table” devise
There was 2 devices added in total and the main one is the crafter. the crafter devise is the crafter itself and has 2 styles.
style 1: a crafting table
style 2: a farm plot
if you start the game and click on the crafting table there will be a section where there will be all the crafting recipes that are on it.
when you click on it to edit it there are 3 main sections but there’s more if you want to explore.
the main one is crafting group and so lets get into that.

“crafting recipe” devise.
the second devise was the “crafting recipe” devise.
this is where you can add recipes to the crafting table.

the device has settings for one recipe so if you want mutibe you need multiple devices for multiple recipes.

you can select what item the player can craft and select how many items and what amount of items they need to make it.

to add the recipe to the crafter you must make a group.
you can name it whatever you want.

after you make the group you can go onto the crafter. ( you cant use wires to add it to the crafter ) and in the main area there should be a group button and you can select what resipe group you want on it.

( before )

( after )

and those are the basics to the crafter. im sorry if I made it sound more complicated then it should be.

Erm…there’s a lot of guides on this already.

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oh … well crap…

i know this is off topic (sorry) but what is that gim?

Day One. No longer obtainable along with the trail and the sticker.

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it is the day one gim only available from the first day when the first 2d game came out.


oh, i must’ve barely missed it

maybe it might come back but I doubt it.

probably not (i’ll get back on topic now)