Give me some ideas of what jobs I should put in my game

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Is this what you want?

What type of game is this? Are you making a game that replicates real life careers, an RPG like stated above, or something else?

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no ( the following dots is for 20 charac rule) …

You can use <> with text in between to bypass the character limit. Like this…


wait, you already posted a topic on this I’m pretty sure…

no it can be just any job…

ik but i ran out of ideas

didn’t those posts have idas?

but some were doable some weren’t

What type of game are you making though? An RPG, Tycoon, Battle Royale, or something else?

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Next time pls just comment on your old topic, so that it rises to the top. This is β€œreposting” and it causes clutter.

a game where you just try to get 10k cash so it can be anything really

ok ok ok ok ok ok i’ll do that next time

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You could have a store clerk which is an easy job but has a low income rate and a diffrent career that is more difficult to manage but gives a higher rate of pay such as a doctor. You could also use that RPG guide @SlimArtist20375 mentioned to make some sort of solider job.



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builder,doctor,salesperson,engineer,astronaut,police officer,firefighter


plumber, president, dentist…

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teacher farmer Sower taxi driver boat captain