Gimkit's down (chars)

I can’t put the screenshot because of my chromebook but if you load up gimkit, it just says “application error”
i checked the gimkit status, it’s down

yes we know theres like 80 posts on it
basically something went wrong around gimkit’s hosting stuff they use to display their website and we can’t do anything but wait for it to be fixed.

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There have been like 3 topics about this -_-

also another status page is statusgator

maybe we should calm down (i think people are gonna overreact because gimkit is down)

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Gimkit is back up everybody here! :slight_smile:

We really need people to stop posting about this there’s already 4 I saw

its up now

It is still down for me. I tried to work on my creative map and it said it couldn’t find a server.

The games don’t load, though

Just reset, that works for me.

It’s not the end of the world guys. Just wait for your silly class game to start up again and all will be fine.

Do you mean restart? @relebloz3

Yea my bad.
I meant reload.

Thank you!

Everything is back up and running. Let me know if anything is broken for anyone, otherwise we should be good to go.

If this devolves into a chat or an off-topic trash bin or a bunch of people respond “hi Jeff” or other nonsense, I’ll close this thread immediately.


its back up now guys

Why is this happening.
Gimkit has never done this to us before

sorry by me I mean my school

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