GimKit what happened

I was playing my creative map when somebody went through a teleporter. My game and everyone else’s game crashed and my screen was flashing black and white. fix your servers


These are screenshots

Maybe because your map was on 98% memory, gimkit’s servers couldn’t really handle it. If this consistently happens, try emailing support at Also, the developers are trying their best to make sure everyone works, and I’m sure they’ll get to fixing servers.

First, try ctrl + r to refresh.

Next, try restarting your device to see if this happens consistently.

If there’s still a problem, copy the teleporter and delete the old one.

Finally, email support at

I hope this helps. and welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the forum, @Therealaa! Check out the beginner-must-read and forum-tips for help.

Because of the new updates, Gimkit is having a lot of issues. Please be patient for them to be patched, or try doing what @mysz said.

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I’m pretty sure IPads don’t have keyboards…

There is a refresh button though

Ok.extra charsssssssssssssss

Since you’re using Gimkit on a Mobile device, this happens a lot to common mobile users using gimkit since Gimkit doesn’t support mobile devices and only supports computer devices like Windows, Chromebook, Etc.

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You can play Gimkit on mobile?

Yes, you can, however i recommend you not playing Gimkit in mobile because Gimkit doesn’t support it. Gimkit only supports PC devices.

I don’t have a device that I can play mobile on lol

Yep, one of the glitches I’ve experienced a lot on mobile is clicking on a device but it opens another device that you didn’t click on.

You can actually connect a mouse to a tablet or a phone.