Gimkit Theory of Everything / Code Engine

I was thinking about something crazy that could possibly revolutionize GKC coding. So the theory is that there may be a possible system that can be constructed that can make a kind of terminal which we could freely code in. This is still a relatively fresh idea so it may not be fully developed yet. The idea is so we could basically have one device that could do everything and replicate full systems with just one device.

We know that GKC is essentially just devices and block code. BUT what if we could make it so we could code just about anything with block code in a way similar to Scratch. This way we could have amazing flexibility in what we could make.

To reiterate my thoughts the goal is to basically create a gimkit programming language engine where it is just fully code. This could essentially free us of all limits. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on a system like this.

Making a programming language in gimkit to code in is pretty impractical for most tasks, since the things gimkit doesn’t support, like lists, loops, or text operations are all pretty easy to make without making a whole new programming language.

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Yes I was thinking that too with the memory limit this may be impractical.

What black hole said is right. There is no point making a system in a system. It won’t be efficient and would have no use.

The true goal was really just a system that could create custom devices we don’t have yet.


You could build a system that activates on a channel and has properties as a paramater.

Like a player mover device.

Anyways, this is what I call a classic example of overshadow: It’s a great system, but all its uses are made obsolete from other device systems and stuff.


Yeah, this is actually pretty smart. My suggestion is to make an entirely new Gimkit Coding, based on learning to code, with lessons! I would do this because Gimkit Creative is for making games, not coding.

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