Gimkit servers down? {RESOLVED}

I don’t really know what category this should be in but is anyone else experiencing this?

EDIT: So far I’ve been refreshing and it turned to orange. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.


Just reload

Try restarting your computer.
Hold on, I’ll try to check if I can reproduce it.

same over here since it includes gkcs servers :cry: we cant exactly do anything for a bit


This is just a temporairy error, gimkit will fix it, just refresh your page or restart your device, that will fix it, other wise, email them at

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same here, I can’t answer questions.

email gimkit

i tripped on a wire

Unfortunately, I can’t. School district blocked all outside emails on my Chromebook. I can see if I can sneak it on my phone at lunch, but it’ll probably get fixed by then.

Mine went orange too.

Update: GKC’s working for me.

same happened to me, idk why they do that.

The servers are being used, heavily right now so you will just have to wait, that or jeff triped over the server wire drinking coffee, either way, you have to wait.


Still down for me.

they like just went back down.

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