Gimkit Royal Problems

So yeah… if anyone knows about this Gimkit Royal Map and what the floor in the houses and the walls looked liked, pls tell me. Cause I’m trying to make one like this (not gonna publish it) just for me and my friends to play

Could you tell me what they look like?

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well… I’m seeing if yall knew what it looked like was but yeah…

Oh, sorry. Sometimes it is hard to find games but
if you show like a picture I could tell you

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well that’s the problem… this game got unpublished

Oh. What did it look like?

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well, that;s the problem… I don;t remember what the walls and floors of houses were but there were four biomes. Sand,Snow,Grass,and An Area full of Sentries. There were houses with chests inside but I wanna know what the walls and floors of the houses were…

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Look in this guide:

Maybe it will help you

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if it got unpubished by a mod it is breaking the guidelines

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