Gimkit related boss ideas for a boss rush game

i want to make a boss rush game, but i dont have any ideas for bosses that relate to gimkit, i want the bosses to be related to something in gimkit soooooooo, any ideas?
btw i mean the different games, like fishtopia and farmchain

Current Ideas
  • Mega Plant (1W0)
  • Patient Zero (Humans VS Zombies, suggested by Coolcaden26)

Haha I’ll just leave this here:


neither of those are gonna work, one of em isnt really a boss, and what even is the 2nd one???

does it need to move if not then get a sentry and set the health to 1000 and give it an epic wepon
or make multiply sentrys that dont respawn when you k!ll them
(and if you want you can use props to make it look like a king)

uh i dont think thats really a boss concept, more of a sentry explanation

well i tryed thats what i used for my boss

also im trying to find ones themed after the gimkit modes, like a 1WO one or a Fishtopia One

hold on i am going to test somthing

You could make a shadow monster with groundbreaker plants tinted black, and put a sentry with 1000 health behind the plants.

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what about you changing its aperance into an echo agent or somthing

Maybe, but that’s very limited.

that gives me an idea for a 1W0 themed boss

im not very good at this stuff i have to have other people jo!n my maps to help me make it

power ups. like speed dmg boost double edged gadget perk
and more

i love wix society

Screenshot 2024-05-16 12.35.48 PM
(if u didnt know this was a peep who ranted and cursed on the wix and asked to be let back in via mod messages)

i need to change the title to boss ideas dont i

probs :3

Maybe a knight, like a soldier with a sword and a real shield sent to attack you? Medieval background, all that. Think it works out fine.
This works too if you need ideas.

human vs zombies inspired boss

oh bet gimme a sec to think somethin up

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