Gimkit is down right now, can someone please tell me how long it's going to be down for?

How long will it be down for?

We dont know.We might have to wait for hours…Days… (Well, hopefully not)But we just gotta wait for the devs to fix it.

Use these websites to watch for outages:

but what about knowing when they’re back up?

They’re back!Again!

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They’re down!Again!

According to Gimkit Status. Check if Gimkit is down or having problems. | StatusGator, it says it is at a warn. i am not making an endorsement

Same here
Edit: Oh, it’s back now.

Gimkit is just crashing and like @WolfTechnology said on several posts:

Guys i sent josh an email, it will be fixed soon.
Screenshot 2023-11-17 11.51.13 AM

gimkit is down again

Until when is it down

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