Gimkit glitching really bad

Hey guys,
is it just me or gimkit glitching super bad for me? I can’t play don’t look down because it keeps spawning me in random places and I ended up losing all of my progress

Is this about DLD? Because if so, it’s off-topic and you will need to mark a solution to avoid clutter.

No its about all gimkit games in general. just DLD for some reason is really bad



i’m the only one playing… but i guess it makes sense bc DLD map is huge

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This forum is about GKC so I suggest you mark a solution to avoid clutter.

Yep This is why, I already tested it.

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BTW I’m not sure this qualifies for this.

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And please don’t mark your post as the solution. @WhereIsMyHat gave you the correct answer.

It makes sense, thank you!

oh i just marked any one

No problem, let me know if i can help you on anything else!

Your good, it is just newer users do it a lot and take the credit from those who deserve it.

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