Gimkit down again

I changed my profile picture. Don’t judge. I like playing the zelda games.

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Don’t get flagged… @Legobuilder is a little trigger happy…

Ur bio was fine but it shows ur real name.

No one on here judges other, no matter what your profile picture is, your race, gender, none of that matters on here, on gimkit. And yes please just wait it out.

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You can go to your prefference settings and change you title to something else other than your name, its not needed on here, only a display name.


Guys, stop replying, Lego is getting ticked, and I don’t want anyone to get flagged, so please stop replying till we have something

Yea same thing: Uhhhh.... Gimkit?

I already fixed it. Is the stuff I did before against the rules?

Really Guys. Lego is very mad…

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It’s back up(for me at least) try again from y’all’s end

mine is not sadly…
this too

I’ll create a post. you can reply on mine as much as you want

Don’t, that will count as spam

im not mad this is adding clutter…and gimkit is already updating and fixing bug do yal really want to be inconsiderate and also add clutter…right now yal are being very rude to josh…all he and jeffo ask is no clutter…us chatting right now is not helping in the slightest…we can do nothing…let josh and the mods and jeffo take care of it!

it works! no need for this now

Yes all is fixed on my end, try it on yours and if so, mark a solution to close this.

Gimkit Is Up Again!

(at least for me)

its back up for everyone (and what are the updates?)

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ok stop responding make a new post for that and the update has not come out yet…gimkit going down probably slowed down the update progression…

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