Gimkit down again

Servers are down currently…
Do not panic me @WolfTechnology and @CassiusDoomlorde are working on contacting josh and getting it fixed


Gimkit Status (

Non-2D game modes are currently broken.


I already contacted support and yes, they will be back up soon, I am not sure if this is for everyone or for certain people.

All I can say is to wait it out.

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So is creative.

the whole point of gimkit is unavailable

That’s not an offical game mode, so that’s included.

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Offical game modes are down too, its their hosting server, so you can’t host a game.

Yes…even though it is happening a lot does not mean anything bad…games crash all of the time…all we can do is wait it out as WolfTechnology stated (yes wait it out no gimkit is torture but we might live) and maybe it’s a result of so many updates…like there were so many updates so dld creative mechanics were delayed til early 2024

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A lot has been happening to gimkit lately

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we might live? just play kahoot or something

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Again we might just might .000001% chance live…

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Yes plus gimkit is also preparing for the second part of the lore and may be testing the platformer creative update, so those are the reasons only half of the servers are down.


yeysyyeysyeyseyseyseEESYSYESPSEYSESEYESYEYESYYES (sorry this happens when someone mentions creative platformer)

You are VERY devoted to gimkit,

not working??? wdym

ehhh…the only thing i might be excited for is if the jumping is not like dld, it is where you can moves all directions not left or right like dont look down

Yup, I can’t even access my map.

Creative is stuck loading for me…
This didn’t happen earlier.

Its solved, so go back and test your maps and see what has changed, because it might have been just a bug updates, not sure. My map is loading fine.